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Downtown Corridor Alternatives Analysis
open house #2

More than 300 people attended the second open house for the Downtown Corridor Alternatives Analysis on Aug. 23. The meeting was held at Union Station from 8 a.m.–6:30 p.m., in conjunction with the Kansas City Regional Transit Alliance's Modern Streetcar Party. A modern hybrid streetcar and a MAX hybrid bus were on display for visitors to tour, both of which are being considered as possible transit modes for the downtown corridor.

The public was able to review project exhibits that explain the study purpose and need, mode and routes under evaluation, and the results of the initial evaluation process used to narrow the seven route options to two — Main Street and Grand Boulevard. Exhibits also explained the more detailed analysis that will be conducted to determine a single alignment and mode alternative for the downtown starter line. Representatives from the study team, along with consultant team members, were on hand to answer questions and discuss issues.

Open house materials


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